O’š kolač Pastry Shop

Tea Mamut, the first Croatian Pastry Cook holding the prestigious culinary academy degree from New York, opened her own pastry shop O’š kolač in Split at Ćiril-Metodova 4 (behind the monastery of Our Lady of Good Health) on May 31st  2017.

The pastry shop offers artisan cakes & pastries which are a combination of well-known childhood flavors and new ingredients from which the modern O’š kolač dessert emerged.

The name of the pastry shop, as well as the names of cakes & pastries, nurture local expressions from Split. Hence, we created: Štorija o’ palačinki, Zdravka, Torta o’sira, Šinjorina Malina, Šjor Limun, Buža, Pari krempita, Barba Čičak, Čikolata, Tonka, Čoko kuki, Kukiriki, Deboto zdravi kuki and Slatko o’mendula.

Tea Mamut, in cooperation with spouses Zahra from the architectural studio Zarez and Remake Home&Living, is credited for the visual identity and vintage design of the pastry shop with prevailing pastel shades of pink and green, which reminisce of snug homely ambience.

 The pastry shop consists of the catering section containing the showcase with pastries and seating tables for up to ten people, the production which is in the rear part of the pastry shop, and the outdoor part with two benches for savoring the desserts.

By opening her own pastry shop, Tea achieved her vision and created a sweet corner where she will share her love and abundant experience with countless sweet enthusiasts.


Culinary Institute of America – CIA)


Brand O’š kolač launched


Pastry shop O’š kolač opened, Ćiril-Metodova 4; Split

Tea Mamut

Pastry Chef